A Board of Directors meeting will be held on Friday, April 30th at 8:00am. If you would like to participate in this meeting, please contact Tammye Pirie at 865-983-8411 or tpirie@blountcaa.org and request the conference call information. COVID protocols are in effect, so any public attendance will be via the conference call system. 

Blount County Community Action Agency is celebrating 55 YEARS of serving the community.

Senior Nutrition Program: Smoky Mountain Meals on Wheels and Ani-meals: Provides those aged 60+ in need with nutritious meals and groceries, as well as food and vaccines for their pets. For more information on participating in this program or contributing your time or resources to this impactful service, please contact 865-983-8411, ask to speak to a Smoky Mountain Meals on Wheels’ staff.

 Office on Aging: Assists those aged 60+, their families and caregivers who need information and access on available supportive resources. Both in group presentations and through individual appointments, the Office on Aging provides answers to eldercare issues, advocacy for basic needs and support for decision-making. If you need any information on senior issues, please contact 865-983-8411, ask to speak to the Office on Aging. The Office on Aging also operates the Savings CheckUp and SMiles programs.

  • Savings CheckUp is a program designed to help low-income, Medicare beneficiaries determine if there are additional benefits that they qualify for to help pay for healthcare, groceries, and home energy. In the past 18 months, more than $1.5 million dollars in benefits have been secured for local Medicare beneficiaries by Savings CheckUp! For more information on this impactful service, call 865-724-1219.
  • SMiles is a senior-friendly transportation program that supports any senior who is unable to drive themselves. This program operates Monday–Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Transportation is provided by a caring, reliable, vetted, and trained volunteer driving their own personal vehicles. Rider membership in this program is $25 per year and $6 for each round trip within Blount County. For more information on giving or getting a ride, call 865-724-1331.

Community Service Programs: Provides a range of services for eligible low-income individuals and families. These range from energy assistance, food resources, dental supports, employment resources and emergency assistance opportunities. Due to the negative economic impacts of the pandemic, new services are available in rental/mortgage assistance, water bill assistance, medication needs, mental health referrals and food assistance for those who have lost their jobs/health insurance or had a reduction in hours/income directly due to COVID. To determine if you qualify for any of these State/Federal assistance supports, please call 865-983-8411, ask to speak to a Community Services’ staff member.

Please use the PROGRAM Page above to learn more about these programs. Do not hesitate to call, if you need services or would like to learn more about any of Blount County Community Action Agency’s programs.

COVID precautions and procedures are in effect for the agency and all programs.

Please see below for specific information:

COMMUNITY: Until further notice, we will not be able to provide drop-in support or scheduling of any onsite, in person appointments. We will be conducting all support by telephone or email and will have isolated, secure drop-boxes, if you are instructed to provide paperwork. Currently, the agency building is closed for public entry. Please do not make a trip to our building, unless instructed to drop off paperwork in the two drop off areas.

For all services, please first call 865-983-8411 and listen to the message extension information to quickly get you to the staff/program that will be able to help you. If you are instructed to leave a message, please do so. Our staff are ready to work diligently to support you and will return your call as soon as possible. Our staff is also available to be contacted by email. The email contact information is on our website, www.blountcaa.org. From our HOME PAGE, scroll to the bottom and select STAFF.  The specific programs and Director’s email will be under this section.

We recognize that during this elevated time, many more individuals, families and caregivers may find themselves in positions of lacking resources for daily living.  We are here for you.

VOLUNTEERS: We are called the VOLUNTEER STATE for a reason! We continue to be so proud of the folks who step forward to give of their time, energy and spirit, especially to help those who need an extra hand.  Even in this time of precautionary isolation, we still need you to stand ready. We are anticipating that many of our seniors and programs will need additional supports.  If you are able to volunteer if needed, please email Tammye Pirie at tpirie@blountcaa.org , she will be in contact with you. We do anticipate that we may have some high capacity limits on our current telephone system.  Respectfully, please email instead of calling to offer to volunteer, in efforts to support that our telephone lines are available to best serve our clients in need. Thank you for your incredible support.

DONATIONS: In times of crisis, we often experience many unanticipated needs and capacity strains on our current programs. Only through the financial support of our incredible community, businesses and foundations are we able to step into a gap or bridge a need to our struggling neighbors. BCCAA is a nonprofit entity operating solely from grant funding and donations. If you are able and would like to support our agency financially at any amount, please do not hesitate to utilize the secure platform on our website under DONATE, or by the mail to the attention of Tammye Pirie, Executive Director at Blount County Community Action Agency at 3509 Tuckaleechee Pike, Maryville, TN 37803.  Please make checks out to Blount County Community Action Agency. If you would also like to discuss additional supports,  please do not hesitate to email Tammye Pirie at tpirie@blountcaa.orgThank you for your generous hearts.  

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About Us
What is Community Action?

What is Community Action?

Community Action Agencies (CAAs) promote self-sufficiency and support individuals and families striving to become economically secure while investing in the future of their local communities. This national network of 1060 agencies, funded in part by the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG), serves approximately 7 million families, totaling 16 million low-income persons each year. More than two-thirds have incomes at or below the federal poverty guideline.

CAAs address causes of poverty, not the symptoms, which means that:

• CAAs work to ensure their community offers everyone opportunities to become economically secure, and
• They invest in individuals and their families who are striving to develop their skills.

Local Control

The vast majority of Community Action Agencies (CAAs) are private non-profits, but some are agencies of local or county government. Both types of CAAs are locally-based organizations with a longstanding community presence, a community-selected governing board and transparent management systems.

CSBG requires local and state plans to address community improvements by:

• Supporting greater civic participation
• Developing “grassroots” public-private partnerships
• Funding innovative community-based initiatives
• Establishing better linkages among government programs

Place Based Solutions

Local control allows communities to assess their own needs and prescribe place-based solutions. Local plans for using CSBG funds must reflect a well-conceived strategy for ameliorating poverty; that strategy must include approaches and activities chosen from those listed in the CSBG Act which the local agency leaders deem to be necessary and effective for their community:

The list includes services that address family and individual needs including:

• Lack of employment and education
• Better income management
• Better housing
• Sound nutrition
• Emergency services
• Health Care services

Information provided by the National Community Action Foundation.

Board of Directors

Public Sector
Grady Caskey
Fred Metz
Bob Ramsey
Tom Stinnett – Chair
Tanya Martin

Low-Income Sector
Betsy Norton – Secretary
Jeff Barbra
Peggy Campbell
Rosa Tellis
Marjorie Stewart

Private Sector
Debbie Sudhoff
Rob Britt
Bill Brewer
Melanie Davis
Bryan Sandmeier


Executive Director
Tammye Pirie, MPH

Chief Financial Officer
Paige King

Community Services Program Director
Mitzi Long

Community Services Staff:
Linda Kirkland
Kristi Cochran
Judy Ferguson
Amanda Cooper
Tisha Byrd

Senior Nutrition Director
Lynnda Manville

Senior Nutrition Staff:
Sheila Sutton
Violet Ross
Renee Jennings
Charlotte Douglas
Barbara Shropeshire

Scott Holliway

Office on Aging Director
Joani Shaver

SMiles Manager
Linda Crawford

Benefits Enrollment Center Manager (Savings CheckUp)
Teresa O’Mary

Benefits Enrollment Center Specialist (Savings CheckUp)
Theresa Reynolds

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