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Blount County Community Action Agency cannot say enough about the cadre of volunteers from around the the county that put the “ACTION” in “community action.  Their tireless efforts serving our clients goes above and beyond on daily basis.  They do more than deliver meals, pack commodities, serve as board members and drive folks to necessary destinations.  They are a lifeline to many of the clients they serve.  Keeping  close eye on their health and being friend when a friend is needed.  Board members provided important leadership for the agency.  We are in your debt.  THANK YOU!!

Community Action is many things. Since its inception in 1964 as part of President Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty,” it has served millions of Americans with energy assistance, hot meals, job and housing assistance and many other services. In Blount County, community action has been involved in the lives of some the County’s most vulnerable citizens since 1965. Through programs like Low Income Energy Assistance, Community Service Block Grant services, the Office on Aging, Senior Nutrition, Commodities distribution and Weatherization Blount County Community Action Agency (BCCAA) has improved the lives of thousands for over 50 years.

Join us as we provide these vitally important services to fellow Blount County citizens. Your donation makes a big difference in our local community.

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 About Us
What is Community Action?

What is Community Action?

Community Action Agencies (CAAs) promote self-sufficiency and support individuals and families striving to become economically secure while investing in the future of their local communities. This national network of 1060 agencies, funded in part by the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG), serves approximately 7 million families, totaling 16 million low-income persons each year. More than two-thirds have incomes at or below the federal poverty guideline.

CAAs address causes of poverty, not the symptoms, which means that:

• CAAs work to ensure their community offers everyone opportunities to become economically secure, and
• They invest in individuals and their families who are striving to develop their skills.

Local Control

The vast majority of Community Action Agencies (CAAs) are private non-profits, but some are agencies of local or county government. Both types of CAAs are locally-based organizations with a longstanding community presence, a community-selected governing board and transparent management systems.

CSBG requires local and state plans to address community improvements by:

• Supporting greater civic participation
• Developing “grassroots” public-private partnerships
• Funding innovative community-based initiatives
• Establishing better linkages among government programs

Place Based Solutions

Local control allows communities to assess their own needs and prescribe place-based solutions. Local plans for using CSBG funds must reflect a well-conceived strategy for ameliorating poverty; that strategy must include approaches and activities chosen from those listed in the CSBG Act which the local agency leaders deem to be necessary and effective for their community:

The list includes services that address family and individual needs including:

• Lack of employment and education
• Better income management
• Better housing
• Sound nutrition
• Emergency services
• Health Care services

Information provided by the National Community Action Foundation.

Board of Directors

Public Sector
Ed Mitchell
Art Swann
Ken R. White
Bob Ramsey
Tom Stinnett

Low-Income Sector
Betsy Norton
Helen S. Abbott – Vice Chair
Peggy Campbell
Ken Garland
Rosa Tellis

Private Sector
William Lyons
Tom Eustis – Treasurer
Gary Heath
Bill Brewer
Melanie Davis – Chair


Executive Director
David Buchanan

Community Services Program Director
Mitzi Long

Community Services Staff:
Linda Kirkland
Kristi Cochran
Brenda McKee
Nancy Jenkins

Senior Nutrition Director
Lynnda Manville

Senior Nutrition Staff:
Colleen Bruzchalski
Jennifer Dove
Candice Adams
Lillian Hamilton

Accounting Director
Paige King

Office on Aging Director
Joani Shaver

SMiles Manager
Linda Crawford

Office on Aging Staff
Debbie Finchum, Homemaker
Carolyn Presley, Homemaker
Georgia Jones
Sharon Landry


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Location & Hours

Blount County Community Action Agency
3509 Tuckaleechee Pike
Maryville, TN 37803
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Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 8-4

(865) 983-8411 P
(865) 681-1781 F